ECLAD system


One of the most important developments in Natural Stone Cladding during the last decade has seen the widespread introduction of Eclad systems in lieu of more traditional “Z bracket” methods. Systems are fully tested, certified & warranted and backed up with Professional indemnity Insurance.


This innovative design, using modular aluminium support framework for high performance cladding systems offer’s faster and economic installation, with greater accuracy whilst retaining flexibility in architectural detailing (for both stone & terracotta).

Diagrama isométrico montagem do sistema ESD/ETD


a horizontal system designed for setting stone to block or stud walls.

Diagrama isométrico montagem do sistema ESW/ETW


totally independent high performance full wall cladding system.

Designed to span from floor to floor.

Diagrama isométrico montagem do sistema ESV/ETV


a light veneer system which facilitates cladding to a back-up structure.

planta de montagem do sistema ECLAD numa fachada
We offer a full CAD design service.
Worldwide expertise in all aspects of natural stone – both supply and installation
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  • Eclad meets the most severe performance categories of the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and has been independently tested by Wintech Engineering Ltd a fully accredited test laboratory.
  • In the U.K. meets the most severe performance requirements set by The Centre for Windows & Cladding Technology (CWCT).
  • In Europe has achieved ´CE´ marking as defened by Federation of Europe Window & Curtain Walling Manufacturers Association (FAECF) demonstrating compliance with all relevant standards throughout the European Member States.
  • In the United States meets the performance levels required by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the standards of ASTM International.
  • Flexible design solutions with vertical mullions independent of stone joints.
  • Available both as a pressure equalized open joint or fully sealed system.
  • Can incorporate vision areas and opening lights with a full range of ancillaries.
  • Meets the severest performance criteria including thermal and acoustic regulations.
  • Caters for a wide range of stone dimensions and thickness.
  • Unique connections allows horizontal expansion, useful on steel structures and seismic egions.
  • Aluminium systems now feature extensively in the cladding sector due to their ease of recycling.
  • Faster, more flexible and economic installation to meet modern fast track programmes.
  • Eclad ESW system achieves weather tightness prior to the installation of stone panels removing it from the critical path and ensuring pristine appearence.
  • Stone installation is non-sequential allowing cladding to follow  constractor´s requirements. 
  • Panels can be replaced individually during construction or subsequently.
  • 3-way anchor system caters for building tolerance and movement.